Total IT Support / hop co.,ltd.

hop is looking for new employees who respect harmony and for partners to work on projects together.

Corporate Profile

hop provides total IT support.

We are mainly focusing on the following three core businesses.

hop secures the best results that meet customers' needs, making the most use of our staffs' skills specialized in each field and accumulating the constantly developing technologies, while always searching for next-generation ones.

System research and proposal

We propose the system environment that meets customers' needs based on our experience of its development in various fields and scales.

We are also specialized in R&D of new technologies commissioned from companies.

Open-source/ control software development

We provide the best service for web-based open-source software and communication control software, including system research, analysis, design, program development, operation and maintenance by our experienced engineers.

Network/server construction and datacenter/system operation and maintenance

We provide the system environment that meets users' needs by supporting the design and construction of each environment (DB, N/W and every kind of PP), utilizing the experiences of large system development. Furthermore, since the most important thing for users is to operate and maintain system after development, we never cut the relationship with them but keep providing the total support as long as the system functions.

Company Name: hop co.,ltd.
Address: Shiba YS Building 4F,2-16-9,Shiba,Minato-ku,Tokyo
Founded: February 1998
Common Stock: 10 million yen
Fiscal Term: September
Representative: Kazuaki Kitamura
Core Business: Information Processing Service
Affiliates: hs co.,ltd.
Access: JR Tamachi Station,JR Hamamatsuchou Station,Toei Subway Shibakouen Station,Toei Subway Mita Station,Toei Subway Daimon Station.

Corporate Policy

hop is committed to always being your reliable company.

hop is not the company that sells visible products, or the one that provides the existing service you can see and actually try. Indeed, hop is the company that provides IT service for research, development and construction of system, so that customers can comfortably use it. We build trust with customers first and through that relationship make products.

Building and keeping “trust” is not an easy task. It is Indispensable to propose the best solution and make the best results all the time, and only through this repetition can “trust” be gained.

To achieve this, hop is focusing on accumulating a wide range of constantly developing technologies, while committed to seeking and learning next-generation ones. For instance, as an IT organizer, we are actively working on accurate analysis, effective use and communication of various kinds of information, including the mechanism and technologies to process the big data and the utilization of next-generation communication infrastructures.

We also believe that, except for the technical aspect, keeping a sincere attitude is the key factor for gaining “trust”.

hop regards such an attitude as our guideline toward many things: customers, technologies, employees, partners and ourselves. With a belief that pursuing profits is not the only efficient way to develop, we are committed to always being a reliable company based on the sincere attitude that can contribute to all the customers, employees and communities through our IT technologies.

hop's IT service is built on trust.